Flow Wrappers

What is flow wrapper?

Flow wrapper, also called horizontal packing machine or HFFS, is a horizontal synchro motion process for products to be wrapped in pillow bags. The process include bag forming, product filling, fin-seal wrapping, end-sealing cutting. Packing material is hot sealable plastic film or paper film normally, for some special products,such as chocolate, use cold sealing film.

High speed flow wrapper boost your packaging efficiency.

High efficiency flow wrapper is very important for your packaging, as this type machine is widely used for solid shape products packing in batch quantity. Such as food industry, chemical&health industry, toy&stationery industry and other daily product industry, Products include biscuit, cake, chocolate, candy, soap, folk&knife, tissue, etc., The stable,high speed packaging machine can save your time, material,human power cost to win market.

SP100 Dual Inverter Wrapper
SP530 Full Servo Wrapper
SP800W Servo Type Film Inverted
SP320 Dual Inverter Wrapper
SP2000 Film Inverted Wrapper
SP602 Full Servo Wrapper
SP180 Full Servo Wrapper
SP3000 Film Inverted Wrapper
SP830W Full Servo Wrapper