Industrial fin seal flow wrappers for sale.

Looking for China most popular high efficiency industrial fin seal flow wrappers? SOONPACK offer good quality machines include small flow wrapper, entry level flow wrapper, inverted flow wrapper, cover industries of food packing, hotel products packing, toy&stationery packing, hard wares and other daily products packing, with competitive price,1 year wrranty, free consult and test packing, overseas installment and train service available.

Flow wrapper broad packaging scopes.

Flow wrapper, HFFS or Horizontal flow packing machine has broad packaging ranges, is suitable for wrapping different solid shape products into sachets, such as:

  • Snack food products packing: Biscuits, Brownies, Cookies, Crackers, Croissants, Muffins, Cake, Cup cake, Bread bun, Toaster pastries, Pancakes, Sandwiches, Wafer, Waffle, Instant noodle, Rice noodle, Tortilla.
  • Bar shape products packing: Breakfast bars, Candy bars, Chocolate bars, Crisp rice bars, Energy bars, Nutrition bars.
  • Daily necessary products packing: Napkin tissue, Toilet paper, Soap, Washing sponge, Towel, Tooth brush, Electric sockets.
  • Medical products packing: Syringe, Mask, Infusion tube, Bandage, Medical tablets.
  • Hardware packaging: Bearing, Nails, Hinge, Zippers, Oil seal ring, Spare parts.
  • Toy and Stationery packaging: Tape, Pen, Notebook, Glue stick, Ruler, Toy, Label, Clips, Card, Calendar, Memo note.

What is flow wrapper? how does it work?

Flow wrapper, also called horizontal packing machine or HFFS, is a horizontal synchro motion process for products to be wrapped in pillow bags. The process include bag forming, product filling, fin-seal wrapping, end-sealing cutting. Packing material is hot sealable plastic film or paper film normally, for some special products,such as chocolate, use cold sealing film. How does a flow wrapper work? check this article for more details↗️.

High speed flow wrappers boost your packaging efficiency.

High efficiency flow wrapper is very important for your packaging to win market, such as snack food industry has a huge individual bags packing request like biscuits, chocolates, bread, cakes,etc,. The stable,high speed packaging machine can save your time, material,human power cost.

Soonpack Inc,. not only manufacture flow wrappers but also design automatic feeding system, which can feed products into flow wrappers automatically. No product No packing function. Free consult now to increase your packaging efficiency.

Video for fin seal flow wrappers and automatic feeding systems.

SOONPACK have a plenty sucessfull wrapping cases for products from bakery to vegetables, from stationery to hardware, daily products etc., Wecome to inquiry.

Automatic high efficiency flow Wrappers for sale

SP100 Dual Inverter Wrapper
SP530 servo type flow wrapper
SP800W Servo Type Film Inverted
SP320 Dual Inverter Wrapper
SP2000 Film Inverted Wrapper
SP602 Full Servo Wrapper
SP180 Full Servo Wrapper
SP3000 Film Inverted Wrapper
SP830W flow wrapper

Where to buy flow wrapper film?

For flow wrappers, the cost of consumable material- packaging film should be considered greatly, also film quality is important to insure good air tight bags result. If you are looking for flow wrapper film, can contact us. We offer one stop service to help customer buy quality film with low cost.

How to operate a flow wrapper?

When have a new type horizontal flow wrapper, doens't know how to operate it, you can contact us for free online supports. we also give abroad service for flow wrappers installment and maintainence. If you want a quick study for flow wrappers operation and trouble shooting, please check this article of how to operate a flow wrapper, it gives a video and 16 details operation steps and technical tips, to help you become a master for flow wrappers operation in a short time.

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