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Film bottom feed packing machine

Vegetable Packaging Machine

Vegetable packaging machine is a simple wrapping and sealing machine for packing vegetalbes in plastic bag,such as Lettuce, Spinach,Carrot, Eggplant,Shallot etc., Film inverted feeding type, Servo driven technology,  Bag length can be automatic adjusted according to vegetables length.


Maximum Speed:             Bag Size:

70 bags/min            Length: 150-999mm

                                   Width: 350mm

                                   Height: 30-140mm

Fast vegetable packaging process

In supermarket, vegetables are normally packed in plastic bag and kept in refrigeration. Somtimes, they were wrapped by PE stretched film manually, but quite low efficiency.  Here is a fast way for vegetable packaging process by packaging machine, vegetables are put on infeed conveyor by hand, machine wraps products into plastic bags continousely, one step to wrap different size vegetables, no need manual set bag length,  The good choice for vegetables high efficiency packaging for supermarket and farm.

Flow wrapper principles

Vegetable packaging machine introduction and price

This machine is film bottom fed type, vegetables are loaded upon film directly then carried to pack, which can  decrease the friction damage during feeding as well as to keep products original shape, Machine can self adjust bag length according to product length during running, mainly used in supermarket for packing vegetables as Lettuce, Spinach, Carrot, Eggplant, Shallot, Mushroon etc.,

Vegetable packing machine price is around USD18000.00-25000.00/SET based on different configurations

Question 1: Does this machine can wrap different length vegetables automatically?

Answer: Yes, our vegetable packaging machine adopts high sensitive sensor tracking system, machine can automatic adjust bag length according to product size during operation, no product, no packing.

Question 2: Do you have machine for family pack and carton packaging for vegetables?

Answer: Yes, we have relevant machines, please list your packaging request for family pack and check carton packaging machines ↗️here.

Question 3: What is vegetable packaging film material, where to buy this film?

Answer: Vegetable packaging film is requested for food grade, hot sealable type, we suggest double laminated film, OPP with CPP material, thickness 30-40 micrometers, because the consumbale material, it is better for you to find a film supplier locally,  if you do need such service, can contact us for help.

Contact us by email: [email protected], if you have further questions for vegetable packaging.

Vegetable Packaging Machine Video

Specifications For Vegetable Packaging Machine
  • Packing film width: 800mm or customize
  • Packing material: OPP,PE, PVC,OPP/CPP,PT/PE,KOP/CPP etc.,
  • General power: 8KW
  • Power supply type: 220V, 50HZ, 1PH
  • Machine weight: 1150kgs
  • Machine dimensions: L2900mm*W1300mm*H1900mm without conveyor
  • Features For Vegetable Packaging Machine
  • Film inverted design, box motion or screw rod end sealing system.
  • 800mm super width packing film, can customize for special request.
  • servo control with touch screen operation, easy for use.
  • 4 temperature controllers,integrated heating and sealing wheels.
  • Memory set for production parameters.
  • High precision sealing parts, fast packing speed.
  • Film roller automatic centering function.
  • Double film carriers,film automatic splicing are available for choice.
  • No product No bag,Air inflation, Liquid spraying are available for choice.
  • Date printer,Labeling device are available for choice.
  • Expand with automatic feeding conveyor for fully automation.
  • Option Configurations

    Payment&Shipment&Warranty term

    • Payment: T/T is prefered, 30% of cargoes value to be paid after signed the contract, the balance to be paid before shipment. L/C is acceptable.
    • Leading time: 40-50 days various from machine’s quantity and configurations.
    • Warranty period: 1 year from the date of shipment, whole life maintenance supports.
    • After sales service: Free on line supports, by customer request, we can send engineer abroad for service, the relevant fee will be charged separately.

    Maintenance&Spare parts for Vegetable packaging machine

    1. Maintenance and clean for machine every day or every shift.

    (1) Clean the machine each time after packaging.
    (2) Turn off the power before cleaning the machine.
    (3) Never spray the water or steam directly on the machine when cleaning.
    (4) Main components to be cleaned:
    • Remove the product chips stored up in the conveyance line of the product by compressed air or in other way.
    • Brush off the film chips adhered to the sealing surface of the sealer by the wire brush applied with the silicone oil.
    • Clear the dirt on the control board, safety cover and painted surface by a piece of soft cloth.
    • Conductive ring of the temperature controller: clean it once a week or two weeks. Clean the conductive ring by the back of the sandpaper when the master power is cut off.

    2. Maintenance and clean for machine every month.

    (1) Apply the lubricating grease on the bearing of the sealer (sealing tool unit) at the end.
    (2) Apply the lubricating grease on the gear and chain (pulley) of the driving unit.
    (3) Check the tightness of the chain and belt of the driving unit, and tighten the loosed one.
    (4) Check the tightness of the fastening screw or nut of all parts, and tighten the loosed one.

    3. Relevant inspection for machine once a half year.

    (1) Check the wear intensity of the belt of the driving unit, and replace the worn-out one.
    (2) Check the wear intensity of the rubber roller, and replace the one affecting the film advancing effect.
    (3) Properly adjust the brake unit of the film carrying roller.
    (4) Check all wearing parts, and immediately replace the damaged one.
    (5) Check the fastness of the wiring on the electrical terminal plate, and tighten the loosed one. Check the frequency converter and electric circuit board, and remove the dust or dirt on them.

    4. For packaging machine’s spare parts, refer PDF file here Spare parts PDF

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