Packing Styles

Identify packaing machines from packing style

There are 4 major type packing styles in markets, Back seal bag, Premade bag, Vacum packing bag, Quad seal bag. With different packing styles, you can view the revelant machines quickly. In fact, most of people doesn’t have a clear idea for packing machinery but knows well for packed products. It is the easy way to select machinery from packing style.

back seal bag
Back seal bag
Premade bag
Premade bag
vacuum packing
Vacuum packing
Quad seal bag
Quad seal bag

Back Seal Bag

Back seal bag is the most common bag type for vertical packing machine and horizontal flow pack machine,has two end seal and one center seal(fin seal) for bag,  widely used for packing biscuit, chocolate, potato chips, granule etc.,The back seal bag is a economical packing choice.

Premade Bag

Premade bag has a beautiful apperance, good for marketing high grade products. In past, people loaded products into bag and seal it manually, now all is automatic, from products up lifting, weighing, bag giving, products filling, and sealing. The zipper bag can be achieved. Widely used for nuts packing, dry beef slices packing and other high grade food packing.

Vacuum Packing

Vacuum packing is good way to keep products for a long shelf life, in market, most type vacuum machines are semi automatic type, but we offer fully automatic type Vacuum packing machine for premade bags.

Quad Seal Bag

Quad seal bag also called Doy pack, the finished bags result can match to the premade bags,It is a good choice if want to make a beautiful packing bag for your products.